VOID – Security Labels

VOID labels, also known as security labels, are ideal for protecting those products that we need nobody to tamper with. Made with a special adhesive, it makes it difficult to detach from the surface.

When the label is removed, the word “VOID” is impregnated in the area, making it impossible to stick the label again, as well as evidence of its manipulation. That is why if the label is violated, we will easily notice this situation.

With a matte finish, resistant to heat and humidity, they can be printed on any thermal transfer printer (with ribbons) with any type of variable data, logo or barcode.

Main features:

Excellent durability.
High contrast level with print.
Strong Adhesive
Legend “VOID” on its glue.
Ideal for identifying products by guarantees.
Warranty conditions up to 22°C / 50% Humidity: 2 years.

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