Wax Ribbon

Resin ribbons are an option when working with synthetic materials such as OPP, VOID or Polyamide and the objective is to achieve absolute durability and resistance, seeking to maintain the printing properties over time.

This type of printing ribbon will give you superior image quality, withstanding sudden changes in temperature or aggressive environments.

We have the necessary printing ribbons for brands such as Zebra, Sato, Datamax, Honeywell, TSC, Argox, Rontag. The ribbons vary according to the shape of the label and the printer model, their presentation can be in different colors such as black, red, blue or green, white, silver and gold.

Is used for:

  • Medicine labels.
  • Chemical labels.
  • Electronics Labels.
  • Labels for production processes.
  • International shipping labels.
  • Asset Label.

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