Badgy Ribbons


Full Color – YMCKO

You can use Evolis YMCKO ribbon for any color printing on one or both sides.

In addition to the standard colors (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black), YMCKO ribbons apply a protective varnish to cards to maintain high image quality despite frequent use.
This process improves the quality of printed images and logos at a resolution of 300 dpi to ensure a professional presentation.

Therefore, printed cards offer a duration of up to three years.


Part Number: CBGR0500K

monochrome ribbon
Yield: 500 Impressions
Compatible with printers: Badgy 100 and Badgy 200

Monochrome printing uses a single color. It is a very cost-effective process to personalize pre-printed cards.

It is the ideal solution for cards that do not require personalized color elements, such as photos.


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